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What Services Does an Optometrist Provide?

Visiting an optometrist frequently is in your best interest. However, you might wonder about their services if you plan to create a routine to see an eye doctor. At Eye Gallery – Prosper Location, we serve patients in Prosper, Celina, Mckinney, and Frisco, TX. If you have optical problems, you can expect a fast turnaround with our treatment. Our visual services include:

Comprehensive Eye Test and Screening

One of the top reasons people go to an optometry clinic is to get routine eye exams. We provide comprehensive eye tests and screening, so we can diagnose any eye conditions you might have early on. As a result, any eye problems you might have won't advance to more severe stages, and treatment would be more straightforward and cost-friendly.

The eye exam will include a visual assessment and pressure test. The vision assessment will establish whether you can see well, while the pressure test will help identify abnormalities in your eyes, like glaucoma. In addition, our therapy will encourage a quick turnaround if you are diagnosed with any eye complication.

Contacts and Glasses

If our eye doctor determines you have vision problems, they recommend prescription glasses or contacts. However, you can ask for luxury eyewear if you want more glasses with more charisma. Additionally, we provide specialty contacts like transition contacts that offer ultraviolet eye protection. Remember that luxury eyewear and specialty contacts will cost more than standard options, but we can provide fantastic discounts.

Pediatric Eye Care

Children are commonly more susceptible to eye problems, because their bodies are still in the rapid growth phase. These phases are why you should regularly take your child to a pediatric eye doctor. However, there is no age too early to start taking your child for an eye exam by a pediatric eye doctor. Ensuring your child has good eyesight will enable them to be more active and have an easier time studying.

Glaucoma and Cataract Treatment

Glaucoma and cataracts are the most prevalent eye problems, becoming more severe if untreated. Our eye doctors are highly experienced in treating glaucoma and cataracts, even when the conditions are at an advanced stage. Our treatment plan will focus on restoring your vision to the best place possible with a quick turnaround.

General Eye Care

Even if you have no vision problems, visiting our optometry means you will get general eye care to maintain your excellent vision. In addition, we can prescribe eye drops to promote the cleanliness and health of your eyes.

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Welcome to Eye Gallery – Prosper Location. We serve patients in Prosper, Celina, Mckinney, Frisco, and the surrounding communities, providing excellent optical services. Call us at (214) 305-4020 to schedule your first appointment.

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