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When looking for pediatric eye care, you want the best optometrist you can find for your children. Entering the search term "pediatric eye care near me" will result in results, meaning you’ll find the right eye doctor for your child. Find everything your child needs for the best visual health at Prosper Eye Gallery. 


Start Early on Eye Exams

Getting an eye exam is especially important for children. According to the American Optometric Association, children should have their first comprehensive eye exam when they’re as young as one year old (sooner if there is a visual concern). Children can often see before they can form complete sentences and express what is going on with their eyes. So, an early vision exam can help detect eye issues before they start school.

Many parents and caregivers wait until grade school to take children in for a vision exam, or until a teacher expresses concern. By then, teachers introduced formative learning lessons. Not being able to see correctly can negatively impact learning and delay a child’s ability to understand fundamental concepts for future success.

An excellent pediatric optometrist should spot vision issues in young children and implement or recommend a practical course to help correct any impairments that concern the eyes. Our optometrists prioritize early and ongoing eye care to optimize every child’s chance to grow and learn successfully.

Eye Concerns for Children

Children grow at exceptional rates, and that also applies to their eyes. Just as children grow taller, children’s eyes grow as they get older. That means children's eye needs can also change. Therefore, it is essential to have your child’s eyes checked every year to detect any possible changes and address any issues their eyes may encounter.

Call Prosper Eye Gallery

Instead of scouring the web for the best "pediatric eye care near me," call the Prosper Eye Gallery at (214) 305-4020 ! We are here for everything you need and want from a pediatric eye doctor. Children are precious, and their eyes are visual guides to the world. Protecting their visual health gives them the tools they need to survive and achieve great things. We will ensure your child’s visual health needs are well taken care of, and help them get to where they need to be. Also, remember to speak with our optometrist for any other questions.

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