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Hard to Fit Contacts

Understanding Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

No two eyes are the same, but we at Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, believe that everyone deserves to have clear sight no matter what activity they are doing. With the advancement of eyewear technology, people with hard-to-fit eyes can now get contact lenses that work for their situation.

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What Makes Eyes Hard to Fit?

While a person's eye size stays relatively constant, their cornea size changes based on age, gender, and level of nearsightedness. These changes mean that the curvature or shape of each individual's cornea is unique too. Some people who might have hard-to-fit eyes include:

  • Irregularly shaped corneas
  • Advanced and untreated eye irritation
  • Chronic dry eyes
  • Astigmatism

These conditions make it difficult for generic contact lenses to work properly.

How Our Optometrists Help to Find the Proper Lens Fit

We offer a variety of contact lenses in our Prosper office. We provide daily or extended-wear contacts, specialty soft contact lenses like bifocal, scleral, and more. Our optometrists use vision exams to determine what types of contact lenses are best for your unique needs. Our eye exams can assess whether you are a good candidate for contact lenses and if you fall in the 'hard to fit' category.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam

We begin by measuring your cornea curvature and checking the overall health of your eyes. Next, we provide you with a series of contact lenses to try for fit, comfort, visual needs, and style. After trying these on, we will have you switch to a different lens and recheck the fit. You will then be given another series of lenses to wear as we measure the shape and size of your iris in response to various light tests. Once this measurement is complete, we will choose which lens option best matches these measurements so you can finally see both well and feel comfortable.

Contact Us for a Contact Lens Exam from Our Eye Doctors in Prosper

If you believe you fall in the 'hard to fit' category, our team can provide a thorough assessment and recommend contact lenses unique to your eyes. Our optometrists are committed to ensuring that our patients have the pair of contact lenses that best meet their needs. We offer various eye care options, including Ortho-K, computer vision treatment, sports vision testing, pediatric eye care, and more to ensure optimal vision and eye health. Contact us at Eye Gallery in Prosper to schedule your contact lens exam or to learn more about how our eye care can benefit you and your family. 

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