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Eye and Vision Exams

Eye Care Starts with an Eye Exam

You likely remember the exams you had for your vision when you saw an eye doctor as a child. Those exams aren't meant only for youngsters. As an adult, you need to have your eyes checked every few years both to see if you need a new prescription (if you already wear glasses or contacts) and to see if your eyes have any health issues that are just starting to form. At Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, you can get that comprehensive eye exam and arrange for follow-up treatments as necessary.

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What to Expect During the Exam

A comprehensive eye exam includes both medical and basic vision tests. Your eyes will be checked for forming medical issues such as glaucoma and retinal problems using a variety of tests, such as the air puff test and either dilation or fundus photography for retinal and macular issues. You'll go through a series of evaluations for near and distance vision, too, to determine if you need glasses or if your prescription has changed.

Not only will you go through the basic visual acuity tests like reading the chart of letters on the wall, but you'll also be evaluated for eye fatigue, motility, and depth perception. The point of all the testing is to give the optometrist an idea of how your eyes and vision are really doing. You might have normal acuity, for example, but severe fatigue that necessitates wearing special glasses for computer use and other up-close situations.

The medical tests are extremely important because so many eye health issues don't exhibit symptoms early on. They’re often discovered without testing once they've become severe, or through an eye exam. The second option is preferable, as these conditions are often easier to treat when found early.
You should have comprehensive exams every few years, with greater frequency as a senior or if you've been diagnosed with an eye condition. If you have glasses or contacts, you need exams every couple of years to ensure your prescription stays up to date.

Don't Ignore Your Eyes

At Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, you can get comprehensive exams and fittings for glasses and contact lenses. Our optometrist can diagnose medical eye conditions and also help you through treatments. Don't ignore your eye health even if you feel fine. Great eye care starts with monitoring eye health through periodic exams. Contact us at (214) 305-4020 to arrange for an appointment.

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