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How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

Preparing for an eye exam is essential for getting the most accurate assessment of your vision and overall eye health. Whether you are visiting the eye doctor for a routine Read More

Fall Eye Allergies

Fall Eye Allergies Many Americans experience allergies annually. The good news is that a doctor of optometry on our team at Prosper Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, can provide you with Read More

Lazy Eye FAQ

Lazy Eye FAQ Having an eye that wanders in an outward or inward direction is a sign of lazy eye. This eye condition occurs when one eye has weaker vision than Read More

Farsighted Symptoms in Children

Symptoms of Farsightedness in Children Being farsighted means that you can see at a distance but as clearly up close. Adults are usually able to notice when their vision is not Read More


Navigating daily activities with hyperopia, or farsightedness, can be a challenge. At Eye Gallery - Prosper Location in Prosper, TX, we offer treatments that can help with this common refractive Read More

Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses

If you are looking for new vision correction, you need to have an eye exam from an eye doctor so that you have a fresh prescription to use for your Read More

Fall Eye Allergies

Our expert eye care specialists at Eye Gallery in Prosper and Plano, TX, are well-versed in eye care needs for the entire family. We offer full-service eye care and specialize Read More

Contact Lenses for Vision Correction

If you wear contact lenses for vision correction or would like to wear them instead of glasses, vision exams are an important part of the process. Our optometrists will help Read More

The Importance of Eye Care and Checkups

High-quality eye care goes beyond attending annual vision check-up appointments with your eye doctor. Our optometrists at Eye Gallery in Prosper understand this need and are here to help with Read More

Sun Care Eyewear

With the summer months soon approaching and longer days spent outdoors on the horizon, we at Eye Gallery Prosper want you to have the best and safest sunny days. While Read More

Use It or Lose It Flex Spending Benefits

Use It or Lose It: Flex Spending Benefits In the hustle and bustle of a busy year, have you forgotten about your Flex Spending Account? An FSA is a benefit that Read More

Viewing 1 - 11 out of 11 posts

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