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Eye Allergies

Your Guide to Eye Allergy Relief

eye allergy

Have you been dealing with the eye irritation that comes from eye allergies? At Eye Gallery Prosper, our eye doctor in Prosper, TX, helps countless individuals get relief from their eye irritation every year. Eye allergies are prevalent and can happen at any time of the year. Our optometrist can help you get to the source of your problem by conducting an eye exam.

Here are a few quick things you should know about eye allergies. 

What Is an Allergy? 

Allergies are caused when the immune system accidentally goes into overdrive. This happens when the immune system incorrectly identifies an otherwise harmless substance as a potential threat. This can include pollen, dander, or dust.

It's common for some allergies to be felt in the eyes. They're one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and they respond very acutely to allergic reactions. 

What Causes Eye Allergies?

There's a lot of things that could be causing allergies to affect your eyes. This could even be happening for the first time in your life despite never having allergies before. Allergies can develop over the years, making them a surprise for some people who haven't dealt with them.

Your eyes might have been exposed to an allergen by the wind, touching your eyes after your hands were accidentally contaminated with an allergen, or just by day-to-day exposure. 

Eye Allergy Symptoms 

The symptoms of eye allergies are pretty straightforward. You'll notice that your eyes might become red or swollen. Your eyes might also become bloodshot when they have an allergic reaction. Your tear ducts will also likely go into overdrive to help flush out any allergens.

In a severe allergic reaction, your eyes might swell up to the point where it's hard to keep them open. If you're having a severe allergic reaction, you should contact emergency medical professionals right away. 

The Importance of an Eye Exam 

An eye exam is one of the most important things that an optometrist can offer. Eye exams help you with everything from getting corrective lenses for your vision to making sure your optometrist can catch health problems early.

We recommend coming in once a year to once every two years for your eye exam. Individuals with more complicated eye health problems should visit their eye doctor in Prosper more frequently. Your optometrist can help you find relief from your eye allergies after an eye exam. 

Contact the Eye Gallery Today 

Isn't it about time you made an eye exam appointment with your eye doctor in Prosper? Contact us at Eye Gallery today at (214) 305-4020 to schedule your next exam with an optometrist and get some relief from those eye allergies. 


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