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Pediatric Eye Care

Not all children have perfect vision. Because they are young, children may not know they have a vision problem or can't explain their vision difficulties. You can trust the eye care professionals at Eye Gallery in Prosper, Texas, to examine your child and diagnose any eye problems.

pediatric eye care

Annual Exams

Your child should visit an optometrist once per year for a thorough eye examination. Our eye doctor, Dr. Harrison, at Eye Gallery is experienced in working with children to make their visit as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our optometrist will look for some of these common conditions during the exam.

  • Myopia, or nearsightedness, is when a child's up-close vision is sharper than his or her distance vision.
  • Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is when your child's vision is sharper when looking at faraway objects than things that are up close.
  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is when the brain has difficulty processing visual images and favors one eye over the other. The eye that doesn't work as hard is the one that is referred to as "lazy" as its vision decreases.
  • Astigmatism is a common condition when the front surface of the eye is curved in a way that causes blurry or distorted vision.

Fortunately, these are common eye conditions that can be corrected.


One of the most common ways we correct pediatric vision problems is with the use of glasses. At Eye Gallery, our optometrist will help you find the perfect pair for your child. We carry db4k frames for children which are customizable, fashionable, and come with a lifetime warranty. We also offer a large selection of Casey's Cove eyeglass frames for children.

We specialize in finding the frames that your child will want to wear because they are fun and functional. Our eye doctor will make certain the frames are outfitted with the perfect prescription lenses and help you with all of the details and choices that come with eyeglasses.

Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam

At Eye Gallery in Prosper, Texas, you can be confident that your child will be comfortable and well cared for during an eye exam. Our optometrist will look for any potential vision problems and offer solutions if necessary. You can use our convenient online form to request an appointment or call us today at (214) 305-4020 for a consultation. Whether you suspect your child has a vision problem or not, we recommend an annual exam to promote your child’s eye health.

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