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Myopia Control

At Proper Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, we are your optometrist of choice for pediatric eye care. Parents often want to know how to control myopia. Myopia control for children is one of our specialties. We are here if you need “pediatric eye care near me” in Prosper. Learn more about myopia below and how our pediatric eye doctor Proper residents can rely on can help. 


What Is Myopia?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision condition in which distant objects appear blurry while close objects appear clear. It often develops during childhood and can worsen with age if left untreated. Symptoms of myopia include headaches, squinting, and eyestrain.

Vision Problems and School

One of the reasons children struggle at school is vision problems. Myopia can cause a child to have difficulty seeing the blackboard or reading the text of a book. It can also affect their ability to play sports and engage in activities that require good vision, such as drawing and writing.

Options for Myopia Control

Luckily, myopia is treatable and there are several options. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and myopia control treatments are available. Glasses and contact lenses can help correct the refractive errors that cause myopia by bending light to focus images more precisely on the retina.

Myopia control treatments, such as atropine eye drops or orthokeratology (corneal refractive therapy), can help slow myopia progression in children. Ortho-k lenses are special lenses that are worn while your child sleeps. They gently reshape the cornea to correct the child's vision during the day.

Our optometrist can help determine which myopia control treatments might be best for your child's eyes. Our team is dedicated to finding the right solution to keep your child's vision healthy throughout his life. With regular eye exams and myopia control treatments, we can help your child maintain good vision. 

We at Proper Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, Can Help with Myopia Control for Children

At Prosper Eye Gallery in Prosper, TX, we can provide myopia management for children and can provide your family with eye care. Our optometrist can take the time to understand your family's needs so that we can find the proper myopia control treatment for your child. Contact us today to book an appointment with an eye doctor and learn more about how we can help you and your family maintain a healthy vision. We have a pediatric eye doctor Prosper residents can rely on. Call us at (214) 305-4020 for “pediatric eye care near me.”

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