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Glaucoma FAQs

Glaucoma can make certain tasks like reading or driving difficult and significantly affect your quality of life. Along with that, if it is not treated on time, the disease can also lead to vision loss. At Eye Gallery – Prosper Location in Prosper, TX, our team provides comprehensive eye exams to diagnose glaucoma and offer treatment to help preserve your vision. Prior to visiting us, learn about some frequently asked questions regarding glaucoma below: 

Glaucoma FAQs

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is actually a collection of diseases that damage the optic nerve. The fluid in your eye can build up and cause the eye pressure to rise above normal, which causes damage to your optic nerve. Over time, glaucoma can cause changes to your vision and even lead to blindness.

What Causes Glaucoma?

The fluid in the eye normally drains through passages. When these passages are blocked, fluid can build up and put undue pressure on your optic nerve. The pressure is what causes damage to the optic nerve and results in vision loss. If the pressure in your eyes is elevated, it can be due to eye injuries, tumors, or infections.

Who Is at Risk for Glaucoma?

People who are Hispanic or African American and seniors over 60 years of age are at risk of developing glaucoma. Along with that, a family history of glaucoma and diabetes can also contribute to the disease.

How Does Glaucoma Affect Your Vision?

Damage to the optic nerve can hinder the amount or quality of information that’s transmitted from the eyes to the brain. Our optometrists can help diagnose glaucoma early and manage your symptoms in order to preserve your vision. The vision that has been lost, however, cannot be reverse. If glaucoma is left untreated, glaucoma can cause complete blindness. Regular glaucoma screenings are an important part of healthy eye care and our optometrists will work with you to determine how often you need to be screened for the disease.

Typically, people who have early stages of glaucoma do not notice changes in their vision right away. The disease often affects your peripheral vision first. People with glaucoma often notice that it's hard to see the area near their nose and eventually the outer edges of their normal visual field. 

How Is Glaucoma Treated?

Our optometrists in Prosper may provide prescription eye drops or other medications to help reduce your glaucoma symptoms. Treatments typically focus on lowering eye pressure to prevent further vision loss. We may also suggest laser therapy to lower the pressure in the eye. If medications and laser therapy are not effective, we may recommend glaucoma surgery to relieve eye pressure.

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If you are seeking an optometrist near me, our team at Eye Gallery – Prosper Location in Prosper, TX, can help. After evaluating your condition, we can develop a customized treatment plan to slow down the progression of glaucoma. To learn about our treatments or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (214) 305-4020 today. Our optometry looks forward to improving your eye health!

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